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Fatmata Barrie, Esq.

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In today's world where the rules constantly change and we have more immigrants coming into the U.S. than ever before, the new comers and those who have been here without status but are productive citizens need help navigating the system.  Fatmata Barrie is an advocate, a community organizer and an attorney who uses unconventional methods in her diligent representation of her clients.  She is client and result driven and each case is personal to her. Fatmata has 20 years of legal experience and almost 30 years of advocacy experience.  As an immigrant she understands the challenges that immigrants face and spends a lot of her time fighting for immigrant and community rights.  
Fatmata remembers the challenges her parents faced in their efforts to navigate the immigration system and she is determined to help other families avoid the pitfalls.  Due to her experience as an immigrant and her work with the immigrant community, Fatmata decided to venture into immigration law.  She represents immigrants in their application for immigrant and non-immigrant visas, those in the process of removal, and those who just want some guidance or answers to questions about immigration issues.  She also provides services that include writing memorandum in support of clients’ immigration filings.  
Fatmata has extensive experience as a special education advocate and attorney having represented hundreds of parents who have children with special needs attending D.C. public and charter schools.  She helps parents advocate for and win the provision of appropriate special education services that their children are entitled to. She helps parents win the opportunity and ability to place their children in appropriate programs and schools to meet their children's special education needs. She also assists clients in filing their social security disability claims.
Besides her ability to make each case personal and represent her clients diligently, her strength also lie in the fact that she has many of the skillsets needed to be an excellent attorney and advocate. She has excellent oral communication and interpersonal skills, effective interpretation of ideas, concepts and values, excellent legal research and writing skills and great strategic planning and management skills.
She is a community organizer who has a passion for fair treatment, equal opportunity for all and has the ability and willingness to work with people from all walks of life. 

Education & Affiliation


  • University of Florida Levin College of Law

    • ​JD

  • Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

    • ​B.S. 

    • Psychology with a Minor in Journalism

  • District of Columbia Bar

  • Member,  Montgomery County's African Affairs Advisory Group

  • Executive Member, African Immigrant Caucus

  • Executive Member, Immigrant Community Services



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